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About Acme Staple

Acme Staple designs, manufactures and distributes staples and staplers for a wide range of professional and industrial fastening applications. We focus on the design and manufacture of specialty staples and staplers.

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Specialty and Exotic Staples

We can supply any combination of wire type, wire size and staple configuration, especially if it is not widely available in the marketplace. We can supply your requirements for:

  • Staples made of exotic materials, such as stainless steel, Monel®, Inconel®, copper, brass, bronze and aluminum.
  • Staples made with low, medium, high and extra-high tensile wire.
  • Staples made with divergent, blunt, spear, chisel and combination points.
  • Staples made to your specification.
  • Staples designed to your concept.
  • Painted or coated wire staples.
  • Wire diameters from .015" (.35mm) to .090" (2.3mm)

Wire & Cable Tackers and Staples

Acme has a full line of manually operated:

Other Staples

Graphic Arts staples for Acme stapler models 731, 706, 707 and 767 – Please contact
Staplex (NY) at ; Ph:718 768-3333.
Or Johnson Stapler (CA) at; Ph: 951-857-4220 .

Shoe/Leather Industry staples for Acme stapler models 680, 690 and 693 – Acme offers limited availability of various staple types for these Acme staplers – Contact us @

Acme was founded in 1894.

Its manufacturing plant and executive offices are currently located on a 40 acre campus in Franklin, New Hampshire. Acme moved to this location in 1959 from Camden, New Jersey.

Acme operates based on the Lean Manufacturing Concept and utilizes the cell production design.

Acme’s R&D efforts are innovative and have led to numerous patents.

Our products are used in a wide variety of professional and industrial applications worldwide.



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